Brussels, 2016

Brussels, land of the worlds best chocolate truffles and waffles! Obviously a good portion of my travel was dedicated the eating those two things - absolutely no regrets.

I chose to visit Brussels for no other reason than it being an easy destination to head to. Like Paris, you’re able to hop on the Eurostar and arrive at your destination in a few pleasant hours of train travel (or as I call it, dedicated Nintendo time).

5 points to anyone who can guess which building was my favourite. Belgium is filled with gorgeous old buildings from various peroids - you’ve got the stunning gothic city hall, the art deco basilica (one of the largest in the world), the neo-renaissance arcade strips, and the art nouveau town houses littered throughout. The one that entertains me the most however, was constructed for the 1958 Brussels world fair - the Atomium.

The Atomium is a stainless steel structure that 9 spheres connected, forming the shape of a unit cell of an iron crystal magnified 165 million times. The space is now a museum, and even more surreal it is set next to miniature Europe - a theme park with miniature versions of European cities and landmarks. The view of a tiny Eiffel Tower and Big Ben with the Atomium towering over them is incredibly odd indeed.


Brussels is a city of some really cool street art too. As it’s Europe, of course it’s going to be quite grey and brown - the cloudy weather doesn’t help. It’s a gorgeous city for an Autumn stroll, and these little bits just brighten the whole place up and breathe it so much life.

Also the bizarre-o advertising campaigns for recyclable globes is ludicrous at best.

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