Kauai, 2019

Due to the expensiveness of America, and the poorness of flight quality from Vancouver we didn’t arrive until almost midnight - with just enough time to hire a car as they closed for the evening. To save ourselves 300 bucks, knowing that we were only going to get up in 6 hours again anyway, we drove around a little and enjoyed hawaii by night (and the wifi the island’s only 24 hour maccas) before settling on the coastline and waiting for sunset. 

The reason we chose Kauai over the other islands is because it’s a little more remote and less touristy, but also because it’s known as the ‘garden island’, the one with the most untouched beauty. Sign me up any day for fewer tourists (I understand the irony of the situation of course).

One of the first things to notice about Hawaii, is their obsession with (and claim to) Macadamia nuts. Let’s set the record straight for everyone from the Americas - Macadamia Nuts are true blue Aussies. However, since Hawaiians are so obsessed with the nut (and claim to have been the first commercial producer of it) they’ve now become synonymous with Hawaiian culture. 

Kamokila village was one of our first stops on our island tour, a recreation of a traditional hawaiian village alongside a river bank with canoe rentals. It was pretty cute, with lots of history and culture to behold. Did you know, the Hawaiian alphabet is made up of only 12 letters? 5 vowels and 7 consonants (incl h, k, l, m, n, p, w). 

The Waimea Canyon State Park was probably the best place! It was a bit of a drive, but the ever changing scenery was gorgeous! We had bright orange clay areas with fresh water cutting between, canyons and mountains rippled with colour, and from the top you get an incredible view back down to the ocean! 

One of the last things we did was a massive hike along the coast, to a cave that millennia ago was inhabited by the native people. The largest room of the cave suffered a roof collapse approx. 7000 years ago, and is a gorgeous garden set low in the cliffs. Also, gross native spiders. There’s also a tortoise reserve nearby, as this cave/grotto was also a habitat for them. 

Hawaii sure does have some beautiful beaches, ones where we were even able to see turtles and seals! I’m looking forward to seeing more of Hawaii but have to feel a little disappointed that the Canary Islands are still my preferred islands! 

Hawaii also has a huge Japanese population, and lots of 7-11s… so there are plenty of amazing japanese treats to be found on the islands! 

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