Ireland, 2017

Roadtrip!! In my quest to tick off the full UK the gang and I set out on a cute little trip across Ireland! Does it matter that technically I went to the wrong Ireland for my UK checklist? Definitely not! We flew into Cork, the nearest city to where Matty’s family holiday home is. Driving for what felt like an eternity we ended up in a town called Ardgroom, which as you can see is stunning!

The place we were staying was right on the bay, the opposite side was these massive hills that shone red in the sunset - we were blessed with excellent weather on the first day of our visit. Perfect opportunity for a sunset barbie!

What else is there to do in Ireland than to drink the national drink - lots and lots of Guinness! People always say that Guinness tastes best in Ireland, something to do with traveling and settling, but whatever maybe Guinness is just crap? Turns out they were all right! Guinness is officially amazing, so smooth, so clean, and so easy to down! We drank Guinness everywhere we went, the only pub for miles was the best place - then the closer we got to the airport it just went downhill.

Breakfast is served!

The cottage itself was hella adorable, but also totally a horror movie location. We filled the evenings with scary films like The Strangers and an Aussie film called Lake Mungo. Be warned, Lake Mungo is potentially the worst film you will ever see. Boasting a deceptively positive 96% on Rotten Tomatoes the film is the story of a girl (last name Palmer) whose body washes up in a small town and the mystery surrounding it - but told through a Today Tonight/60 Minutes style dramatized news styling. Anytime the film builds up any suspense (why does the girl keep appearing in her brothers photography) it comes crashing down almost instantly with a duller than dogshit explanation (because he photoshopped her into them).

The Strangers though, was ruddy terrifying.

On the first morning, just after we had watched The Strangers, a loud knocking shook through the house. Terrifying. I refused to get out of bed, but listened closely just incase anyone did investigate and was met with a ‘Is Tamara home?’. Turns out there’s an eagle that lives in the valley, every morning he comes and taps on the window, struts to the opposite end and taps again, and repeats until he notices someone. In the worlds creepiest bird movement ever, he just looks you dead in the eyes for a few moments (or what feels like an eternity) and flies off. Weird!

So it IS true that Guinness is best in weird remote areas of Ireland, and that scary movies are even scarier when you’re a million miles away from help with a creepy bird stalking you! Go visit Ireland guys :’)

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