La Palma, 2018

Sun surf and sand… that’s what I’ve been dreaming of! When I went to Lazarote last year I immediately fell in love with it - so much natural volcanic landscapes and barren areas ripe for exploration. I’d seen plenty of pictures of other Canary Islands; Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura… all amazingly nice but perhaps more touristy. Then I found La Palma - it’s the furthest out island, with barely any visitors and a tiny local population… the majority of the island is all natural; rainforests, volcanoes, reefs, a real tropical paradise. Needless to say tickets were booked in the next ten minutes.

The first thing I noticed about La Palma, flying over, was the way the peaks of the volcanoes cut through the clouds, standing tall and majestic. It was amazing. Flying in closer you can see the black beaches taking shape, growing upwards with rainforest foliage before becoming lost in the clouds.

The first day was quite overcast, so when we drove out to go for a walk we just ended up ascending higher and higher into thick cloud and losing sight of the great views. All you could see was grey, and a small bit of volcanic rock around you - very apocalyptic and creepy. We went back the next day and it was ridiculous! The view stretched for miles, and you could see the entire island - it was mental how different the clouds made it feel.

La Palma is one of the best three spots in Europe for stargazing, so of course I had to make the most of it! The first days weather meant stargazing was a big no, but the weather cleared for the rest of the week and the beautiful blue skies eventually turned into the diamond field below. Driving up to a view point on the tallest mountain, you could see SO many stars in the clear night sky - it was mental! 

A staple of much of my holiday diet is PIZZA of course! La Palma also loved throwing pineapple into absolutely everything - so my days consisted of lots of Hawaiian Pizza - one day I got adventurous and got a pizza with tomato, peach, and pineapple… it was genuinely delicious! 

The two main things I wanted to do in La Palma were stargazing (check!) and scuba diving! I’ve only gone diving a few times but it’s my absolute favourite thing in the world (to do list: get scuba license), it’s so surreal being beneath the water and flying through coral fields. 

La Palma has definitely been one of my favourite places to go to, it, along with Lanzarote, have been such amazing natural escapes from Europe and the UK… the landscapes are like nothing else! Despite all of the ideas of the Canary Islands being a chav holiday destination (your flight is probably going to be full of them) there is so much to see and explore, and they’re just gorgeous! 


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