Lanzarote, 2017

Lanzarote had always been quite high on my travel list, and in the pictures below you’ll see why. The island of Lanzarote forms part of the Canary Islands, an archipelago that is technically Spanish (but absolutely nowhere near Spain, instead it’s about 100km from Africa), which has a volcanic origin that gives them their natural beauty. 

I booked my trip to Lanzarote with great excitement - it’s not the cheapest place to travel to, but at the start of February it was one of the cheaper options. 3 days after I had spent all my money on the holiday the Visual Merchandising team had been called to HQ; jobs were being cut and ours were up on the block. 

I spent the next few weeks stressing out of my brain, as one does when facing redundancy, regretting my last minute holiday decision and the fact I had no money left with no steady income going forward. Nonetheless I got on the plane, made the journey, and tried to be positive about my life ending. 

As soon as I’d landed I was feeling better already. The sun was out, the scent of salty water drifted on the breeze, I was left with a tingle on my skin that was both familiar to summer’s past and instantly revitalising. I got on my shuttle and made my way to the hotel I had booked.

I was staying in the Costa Teguise region of the island, in a spa resort called Beatriz. It was an odd retro throwback, as though it had been untouched by time for 30 years - everything was geometric, with lots of harsh lines and tacky colours, and a rainforest in the foyer! Out the back was the bluest pool one could imagine. Beatriz had been built right at the edge of the town, from my left I could see the town, to my right was nothing but volcanic mountains and this incredible desolate landscape.

My days were spent hiking through the valleys, and up the mountains. Sun beaming down, silent all except for my feet against the ground, never knowing what was ahead. There was a perfect stillness to the whole thing, a calmness that I most desperately sought. Peace at last. 

My evenings were a little different, but equally as serene. I would continue the hike down to the coast, and walk down to the beachside bars. I had one in particular that I favoured, they were right in the middle of the beach - you could see where the rocks jutted out at one end, and where the tourist strip of snorkelling goggles and hire bikes began at the other. The staff didn’t speak a lick of English, but after a few visits he had come to know me well enough and we shared a few laughs. I vividly remember on my last day, he walked over chuckling miming out a very large drink and when I asked for two he just laughed and rubbed my head. 1L of Sangria had cost me £2 ($3.50-4) so of course I was keen to make the most of it! 

I don’t think I’ve ever had such a relaxing holiday, it was such a stress leading up to it but as with all things you just have to go with it and make the most of it. Also, spend more time in the sun - no wonder the British are so miserable all the time! 

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