Mobile Travel.

Here’s a collection of some of my favourite mobile photography shots so far. Fellow creative Thomas Lim inspired me during our interview for Koko Mag III (read that here). These images have all been shot in ProCamera8 and then edited with VSCOcam. Enjoy! 


Most of these images were shot in London, shocking to see so much blue sky but it did happen! The rest are from my time in Norfolk.

Tower Bridge


Tower Hill

Big Ben

Westminster Abbey

Castle Acre.

Castle Acre.


British Museum


I spent a weekend in Cardiff, so these images are from there. I absolutely adore Cardiff, it reminds me of back home - plus it’s like walking around in a living breathing episode of Torchwood.

Cardiff Castle


Towards the end of August I also spent some time in Croatia, accidentally landing in Slovenia, and eventually finding my way to Croatia for some sun and sand! 

Some of these images ended up being featured on Italia Vogue’s PhotoVogue too! Check out which ones here.

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