Oslo, 2016

One of my first visitors in the UK was my amazing Japanese friend Yuko, visiting me all the way from Hiroshima! Yuko spent about 3 weeks exploring London but we also both wanted to go and see something cool in Europe and the flights to Oslo were cheap as chips! All together we paid $50 for an entire massive airbnb and flights, bargain!

The day we arrived there was beautiful sunshine, not a cloud in the sky, but blistering cold at only about 3degrees. By the next morning though, it was snowing!! So much snow. Oslo as a city is quite small and cute, very easy to walk around and perfect size to do a weekend getaway.

The highest point is Oslo is the Ski Jump, which we trekked to in a blizzard (cold) and headed to the top for the spectacular view that overlooks everything. Surrounding the ski jump was tonnes of old nordic buildings including shrines and churches, the church was spectacular as this black triangle on the horizon of white snow and white cloud.

Oslo was mostly a lot of walking and playing in the snow, it was the first time since moving to the UK that I had properly seen snow, so I was very excited to make the most of it.

My favourite building is Oslo was definitely the Opera house in the bay. It’s a bizarrely angular building with no real distinction in what is roofing and what is walkway. With the whole thing covered in snow it was a real destination - there were people tobogganing and having snowball fights on top of it, really bizarre!

Also, the town hall of Oslo twice a day chimes out a different famous tune ranging from things like Beethoven, to modern classics like the Super Mario theme! The month of February had the Super Mario theme, so at 10pm after ice skating on the central fountain we found ourselves sitting around listening to the bell chimes of Mario.

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