Rome, 2017

If you ever want to go on a diet that is exclusively gelato and pizza for an entire week, I can (from experience) recommend a trip to Italy! I think the only meal I ate outside of those foods was a cheese/meat/bread and wine night…. and let’s be honest that’s just a pizza you’re too lazy to cook!

Of course, you can’t go to Rome without visiting the landmarks. First on the agenda was the Colloseum, which, oddly, met all lukewarm expectations and is exactly as you imagine it… just with a ridiculous amount of tourists lining up to 2 hours for entry. Included in the entry fee though is access to the Forum, which is just opposite, and a lot better. The Forum is, obviously, now in ruins - but housed many important cultural and political buildings from the ancient times. 

Many of the temples there were home to animal sacrifices and rituals, and depending on which temple these were done in front of would depend on what good fortune would come to you - for example the Temple of Saturn (formerly the Temple of Jupiter but renamed for reasons lost to history) acted as a religious site as well as a bank - so you’d be blessed with good fiscal fortune.  

Remains of the Temple of Saturn

Cinnamon and Egg Custard Milkshake break at St Peter’s Square

History and ancient Rome is interesting and all, but wouldn’t you love to GO KART around a hilly botanical park for an hour? Of course you would! What a way to spend an afternoon. Go Karts are fun at the best of times, but the amount of both children and grown ups who would look on jealously, knowing they wouldn’t be permitted to zoom around on one themselves was also entertaining. 

Vatican City is a strange one, it’s pretty central in Rome, and yet is it’s own (tiny, tiny) country. It’s as if Canberra and the ACT were not their own territory, and indeed an entirely new country. The whole thing measures less than a single square kilometre - making it the world’s smallest country by quite a margin. While you enter Vatican City with very little fanfare, the line to St Peters Basilica (y’know the big important part) was also about half a kilometre long itself - so we gave that one a miss. Sorry Michelangelo. 



View from the Go Kart



Similar to Paris, where the wine is unparalleled, Italy is the best place for prosecco. Also, if you need a new milkshake flavour, cinnamon and egg custard is one I recommend. 

The only thing I wanted to do in Italy I didn’t get a chance to do was Pompeii + Vesuvius, by the time we went to book it it was too expensive… lucky I’ll be going later this year ;) 

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