Sacha Half Moon Bay.

Before I left I squeezed in one last collaboration with Sacha! 

I’d been inspired by how beautiful Half Moon Bay was after spending so much time away from it, and we were collaborating with Elana Pandelides. People familiar with my work over the years have probably seen a few things shot at Half Moon Bay - it is after all my favourite shooting location. 

The very first shoot I ever did with Charley was done here, as was the first project I worked on with Memphis Black; more recently though my upcoming nude landscapes included two parts shot there. 

Elana pulled off a terrific job, we wanted lots of white, lots of lines and obviously loving the blue/orange background with the black/white clothing. We were blessed with terrific afternoon light giving us harsh shadows and bright colours. 

This series was set to be published in October, but when that fell through we decided to post it on our own as we were keen to show it off! Such a fun send off.

model: Sacha Reeve
stylist: elana pandelides 
photography: Kafei White

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