Stockholm, 1944

Eurovision! In Sweden!! A Swedish Eurovision has been my dream since I first began watching, and it was such an amazing thing for it to be my first one too. Sure, Russia WAS robbed in 2015, but nobody does a Eurovision party quite like the Swedes. To give you an example of how mad they are, the traffic lights would beep along to Loreen’s ‘Euphoria’ while waiting, and then crossing would beep Mans Zelmerlow’s ‘Heroes’.

My old mate Andrew was on his big Europe tour so we got to spend two weeks gallivanting through Stockholm and Helsinki. Kendal, who I met at T2 in the UK, and her boyfriend Josh were also celebrating Eurovision fever so we spent a lot of time together and had a ruddy good time. We also spent a lot of time eating reindeer, pizza, and reindeer pizza. 

The semi finals were nearly, but not quite, sold out, so they were offering upgrades to some of the folks at the very back. Being the cheapest person alive, this meant we were possibly being upgraded! Wielding our Aussie flags we were upgraded every time, one time 7 rows from the front, it was amazing.

We got to see Mans perform live, as well as Loreen(!!!!!!!!! life goal!!!1!!1!!) and Sanna Nielson. The ABBA museum launched a Eurovision exhibition in the week leading up, so obviously we had to go to that! Sing-a-longs, costumes and props…. it was a Eurovision dream. Alternatively, hell for a lot of people and could easily be described as a lot of small rooms blasting Waterloo (Swedish and English versions) perpetually on loop.

Nordic summertime is notorious for having no/basically no night… and getting there at the start of May we really hit that. The sun wouldn’t set until 1am, but would then rise again at 4am! The night of the Eurovision grand final we went in the stadium at 6pm (the middle of the day) and got out at 6am (also the middle of the day) - it was very confusing for our senses.

Cute goat friend!!!

Gröna Lund was another destination we checked out in Stockholm. Being an archipelago basically everything is waterfront, so going up on the 122 metre tall chair swinging was terrifying spinning between land and sea. The day was essentially two people walking into an amusement park and then looking at each other with the face of realisation that the other also hates rides. I gave it a go though, rollercoasters and the 90m tilted drop! I’ve never felt so awful in my life, my stomach literally rose behind my lungs and it was not pleasant. But hey, try everything once! 

Skansen, the world’s oldest open air museum (opened in 1891), was this bizarre trip through time. Part zoo, and part old timey village, there was plenty to see and do - including walking around on stilts (turns out I’m rubbish at this). Skansen was filled with 1890s buildings and farming areas, there was also a super adorable baby goat enclosure!! See the adorable photo above of my favourite new best friend Goaty who had a penchant for eating all of my clothes and stepping his hooves into my balls. BFFs.

Like all Nordic countries, Sweden is well expensive. Thankfully I was prepped for this as I’d been to Oslo, and it wasn’t quite as bad… I’m dreading Iceland though!

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