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  1. Stockholm, 1944

    04 May 2018

    Eurovision! In Sweden!! A Swedish Eurovision has been my dream since I first began watching, and it was such an amazing thing for it to be my first one too. Sure, Russia WAS robbed in 2015, but nobody does a Eurovision party quite like the Swedes. To give you an…

  2. Paris, 2016-17

    04 Dec 2017

    Paris! The city of love, or so they say. Being so, so easy to get to has made it a regular jaunt for me in London. A two hour train journey direct from the city centre makes it a quicker journey than Scotland or Ireland, or even most of England…

  3. Mobile Travel.

    22 Oct 2015

    Here’s a collection of some of my favourite mobile photography shots so far. Fellow creative Thomas Lim inspired me during our interview for Koko Mag III (read that here). These images have all been shot in ProCamera8 and then edited with VSCOcam. Enjoy! England.Most of these images were shot in…


    25 May 2015

    Hany and I are long time collaborators. We went to high school together, and I roped her in to many torturous photoshoots (onions, nudity, chains, that creepy Noki inspired mask I forced on everyone that year). Hany having just returned from Korea recording her debut album, and with my Koko…

  5. Sacha Clare.

    12 Jan 2015

    The last time I worked with Sacha, it involved topless-ness and eight tiny bunnies; the time before, long exposure “ghost-fashion” in an abandoned mental asylum. This time though, we decided to take a low-key studio approach, and shoot a black and white fashion editorial Sacha Claremodel: Sacha Reevedressed in: Kookai…

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