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  1. Scotland, 2017

    18 Aug 2018

    Ach aye! We’re goo-ing oot and aboot. (Nailed it). Continuing my quest to visit all of the UK I find myself finally visiting Scotland. My best friend Ellen was finally visiting from Melbourne so we took the opportunity to head north.  We decided pretty early on that we would do…

  2. Ireland, 2017

    11 Jul 2018

    Roadtrip!! In my quest to tick off the full UK the gang and I set out on a cute little trip across Ireland! Does it matter that technically I went to the wrong Ireland for my UK checklist? Definitely not! We flew into Cork, the nearest city to where Matty’s…

  3. Oslo, 2016

    24 Jun 2018

    One of my first visitors in the UK was my amazing Japanese friend Yuko, visiting me all the way from Hiroshima! Yuko spent about 3 weeks exploring London but we also both wanted to go and see something cool in Europe and the flights to Oslo were cheap as chips…

  4. Stockholm, 1944

    04 May 2018

    Eurovision! In Sweden!! A Swedish Eurovision has been my dream since I first began watching, and it was such an amazing thing for it to be my first one too. Sure, Russia WAS robbed in 2015, but nobody does a Eurovision party quite like the Swedes. To give you an…

  5. Brussels, 2016

    04 Mar 2018

    Brussels, land of the worlds best chocolate truffles and waffles! Obviously a good portion of my travel was dedicated the eating those two things - absolutely no regrets I chose to visit Brussels for no other reason than it being an easy destination to head to. Like Paris, you’re able…

  6. Mobile Travel.

    22 Oct 2015

    Here’s a collection of some of my favourite mobile photography shots so far. Fellow creative Thomas Lim inspired me during our interview for Koko Mag III (read that here). These images have all been shot in ProCamera8 and then edited with VSCOcam. Enjoy! England.Most of these images were shot in…

  7. Tasmania.

    22 Jan 2015

    The New Year period was spent in Tasmania for me, and three of my friends, where I opted to leave my camera, my laptop - basically all electronic devices - at home. It never hurts to have a digital detox, especially in a job so reliant on digital technology Instead,…

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