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  1. Lisboa, 2018

    03 May 2019

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year - EUROVISION! Where else would I have been, but the host city for 2018 Lisboa!  My week in Lisboa consisted of mainly one thing - gorging myself on the native delicacy - pastel de nata… By weeks end I was beginning to…

  2. Scotland, 2017

    18 Aug 2018

    Ach aye! We’re goo-ing oot and aboot. (Nailed it). Continuing my quest to visit all of the UK I find myself finally visiting Scotland. My best friend Ellen was finally visiting from Melbourne so we took the opportunity to head north.  We decided pretty early on that we would do…

  3. Ireland, 2017

    11 Jul 2018

    Roadtrip!! In my quest to tick off the full UK the gang and I set out on a cute little trip across Ireland! Does it matter that technically I went to the wrong Ireland for my UK checklist? Definitely not! We flew into Cork, the nearest city to where Matty’s…

  4. Stockholm, 1944

    04 May 2018

    Eurovision! In Sweden!! A Swedish Eurovision has been my dream since I first began watching, and it was such an amazing thing for it to be my first one too. Sure, Russia WAS robbed in 2015, but nobody does a Eurovision party quite like the Swedes. To give you an…

  5. Melbourne, 2017

    05 Apr 2018

    Home time! My first time visiting home in 2 years. It gave me a good chance to spend some quality time with the things that truly mattered… many, many bird + brie burgers from Grill’d. Oh how I missed them! But seriously, it was great to come home to all…

  6. Paris, 2016-17

    04 Dec 2017

    Paris! The city of love, or so they say. Being so, so easy to get to has made it a regular jaunt for me in London. A two hour train journey direct from the city centre makes it a quicker journey than Scotland or Ireland, or even most of England…

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