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  1. Marrakech, 2018

    18 Oct 2018

    When you live in London you find yourself craving one thing - the sun! The warmth it gives you, the dryness of the air, the blueness of the skies. So this winter I decided to go somewhere dry and warm, give myself those desert-y vibes!  I’d been interested in going…

  2. Oslo, 2016

    24 Jun 2018

    One of my first visitors in the UK was my amazing Japanese friend Yuko, visiting me all the way from Hiroshima! Yuko spent about 3 weeks exploring London but we also both wanted to go and see something cool in Europe and the flights to Oslo were cheap as chips…

  3. Ukraine, 2017

    01 Jun 2018

    Eurovision brought me to a city I never considered visiting - Kyiv. A city I very quickly fell in love with.  Obviously Eurovision wasn’t quite going to match up to the previous year’s Swedish Eurovision dream, but the city of Kyiv definitely has a lot to offer. The architecture is…

  4. Hamburg, 2016

    17 Dec 2017

    Christmas!! In Germany!! A 5am flight before a 7am working day!! CHRISTMAS It was December 2016, and team VM UK decided to have a weekend away to the winter wonderland that is Hamburg. Most of Europe has amazing Christmas markets through the holiday season, but something about a German Christmas…

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