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  1. Cynical Fashion with Memphis.

    19 Jan 2016

    Our cover! Working/Freezing Hello 2016! We open with my first ever cover (excluding Koko ii) which is really exciting. 2015 started with Memphis and I getting a series published and now 12 months later here we are proudly revealing our cover shoot.  We brainstormed the shoot when we did our…

  2. Coffee with Kafei - Rmatta Couture.

    11 Aug 2015

    Foreword: With Koko Mag coming to an end I wanted to preserve some of the better parts of the project and push them out a little further. So all of the interviews conducted as part of Koko Mag will serve as blog entries, featuring the original published article (with some

  3. Highlights from 2014.

    17 Dec 2014

    Wow, December already! To celebrate 2014, we’re looking back at the year that was, with 20 favourite images that defined Kafei White through the year - going month by month with 12 mini blogs December 2013 and January - Last year ended with me abroad, travelling England, Wales, and Japan.…

  4. Fancy.

    15 Aug 2014

    Get behind the scenes on shooting for Rmatta Couture’s Spring/Summer 14/15 collection ‘Fancy’. Video shot on set (and owned) by Hector Calara. model: Jessica Mansour designer: Rmatta Couture Stylist: Lilian Matta makeup: Karismatik Beauty hair: Emmanuel Ammo Hairdressing flowers: Virgin Flowers decoration: Decorate My Wedding photography: Kafei White

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