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  1. Náttúra.

    08 Jun 2016

    Before I left for the UK I worked on this series of nude portraits. Entitled Náttúra, the works were twists on camouflage in a way that focussed on form rather than colours and patterns - think seeds, foetuses, waves, roots, plants, etc.  As this was winter, my models were enduring…

  2. MAN-akin.

    09 Sep 2015

    June saw a collaboration I’ve been hoping to work on come to life! Shauny Ben-Natan, who I went to high school with in Sandringham, and I have finally teamed up for a shoot! We’ve always wanted to collaborate, so we made the most of it when the time arrived. You…

  3. Coffee with Kafei - Clara Bradley.

    16 Jul 2015

    Foreword: With Koko Mag coming to an end I wanted to preserve some of the better parts of the project and push them out a little further. So all of the interviews conducted as part of Koko Mag will serve as blog entries, featuring the original published article (with some

  4. Immortal.

    16 Jul 2015

    My latest published editorial, ‘Immortal’, was featured in Rebelicious Magazine’s July issue. It featured Memphis Black as the model, with Rebecca Vaughan giving us our wonderful makeup look. The main concept of the piece was to recreate the traditional elegance of a geisha, but to apply it to a strong…

  5. Unseen.

    14 Jun 2015

    I know I’ve been quite quiet lately, so I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you a few projects I’ve worked on over 2015. I’m currently super busy planning my move to London and funding that. ******SEEKING MODELS AND EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST FOR THIS PROJECT******I’d firstly like to…

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