Melanie awaiting her glamour shot.

Sam starving himself.

Sam and I collaborated for his TFC project in late 2014. When he approached me with the concepts originally I was thrilled - he gave me a shit tonne of freedom with the images along with the brief. The core of the project had been long decided; the emotions, the concepts, the themes, the references from which I created each image. 

A lot of the themes for the imagery centred around alphamale-ism, bravado, libido, and women. We played around with a tonne of different concepts, spending an entire 8 hour day creating, and playing with different ideas that would come to us. Together we narrowed it down to the 13 below, a cover for each song. 

You can see a few of the concepts up top that didn’t quite make the cut, or might surface later down the line… Who knows! 

‘Substance Abuse’ is the first part of the project, due to launch sometime soon! I’ll be posting updates as it all happens so keep your eyes peeled. You can keep track of TFC’s music at his website here

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