Venice, 2018

Venezia! How beautiful. Apparently the worst time of year to visit is summertime (so of course when did I go?): the locals all leave, it becomes overrun with tourists, and Venice is said to smell like a sewer in the heat. Although nice and hot (enjoying the European heatwave) I found little of the rest to be true, there were plenty of lovely locals, and the city smelled as bad as any other city does… of course there were tourists though, it’s Venice in summer! 

My shadow cosplaying as a final fantasy character.

My stay in Venice was brief, so it mostly consisted of wandering through the streets, drinking prosecco (when in italy), soaking in the sun, and eating pizza. The architecture of Venice is, of course, quite interesting - nothing quite stands up straight and there’s this brilliant warmth in the buildings - oranges and ochres and golds everywhere. It wouldn’t have been a trip to Venice without the obligatory gondola ride too! 

Venice is a beautiful city, with tonnes of interesting and gorgeous things to see - but nothing was more inspiring and mesmerizing than the water the city is founded on. Every time you looked at it there was something different going on; the way the light reflected off the buildings giving strange new hues; shadows; warm light of sunrise; the way the boats cut through the water and chop it up; forming endless combinations of ever changing and entirely unique patterns and colours. I took a lot of joy (and time) in trying to capture the different ways the water behaved.

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