As a freelance artist, Brenton finds great pleasure in executing a vision - whether for an upcoming fashion line, a jewellery range, or a conceptual makeup piece.

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Brenton finds great influence in the landscape and the urban environments, as evidenced in his unique approach to fashion portraiture and it's use within exotic backdrops. This approach to background location also proved to be a strength while working in the UK, and again now in Melbourne.

Before finding photography, Brenton specialized in painting, with his focus on Pop Art. His main influences - Andy Warhol, Roy Lichenstein, Takashi Murakami and Pop Culture - still play a huge role in his artworks, even though they are now in a different medium. 

Graduating Sandringham College in 2011, Brenton has since graduated NMIT, and taken his photography around the world. Currently he is refining his skills and completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts, before moving to Japan in the near future.

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